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Food Service Workers At Angel Stadium Take Strike Vote

ANAHEIM (CBS) — The food service workers at Angel Stadium announced Friday that the Orange County Labor Federation has given them the green light to go on strike.

Their union, Local 11, says at issue workers have not had a wage increase since 2009 but more troubling, they say more than 200 workers may have their hours cut in half and lose their health insurance.

"I hope that they work it out so that we can come and enjoy and spend all the money on drinks and food that we want to and not have them affected," fan Michelle Connell said.

At $11.86 an hour, the union says the stadium workers are some of the lowest paid in California.

"We represent workers in Los Angeles who do this exact work and they get over $16 an hour," said Ada Briceno, a union representative.

According to Local 11, cooks at Dodger Stadium make $17.15 an hour; at Staples Center, $16.79 an hour, but cooks at Angel Stadium just $14.72 an hour.

"That's not an easy job that they have. So my concern is for them and obviously it will affect us if it happens," said fan Greg Hinman.

Aramark, who runs the food services, released a statement Friday stating that the people who work at the stadium are very important to them and they hope to bargain in good faith and reach an agreement soon.

KNX 1070 reports that negotiations are scheduled to resume Tuesday.


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