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Creative 6-Year-Old Raises Funds To Help The Homeless

PASADENA ( — At just 6 years old, Augie Schlanger from Pasadena is raising money to help the homeless.

This past Saturday, the artistic kindergartener, who loves to draw and paint, held a one-day sale in his driveway in which he and a group of friends sold arts, crafts, and treats.

"And our friend also made art, baked goods, and also bracelets. We raised $457," he told CBS2's Amy Johnson.

And as Schlanger explains, all proceeds from the sale went to the Union Station Homeless Services in Pasadena.

"We gave it to the homeless shelter so they can give it to the homeless people so they can have more money and maybe buy a tiny house or maybe something like an umbrella," he explained.

"I'm just really proud of him," said Augie's mom, who helped by posting the art sale on social media. "I thought it was really exciting that he was thinking that way so I just wanted to help him embrace it."

With the money Augie donated, those at Union Station Homeless Services were able to provide more than 200 meals for those in need.

Dana Bean, the director of development at the facility, said Augie blew them away.

"If a 6-year-old can see something that he wants to change and make this much of an impact, really anyone can do it," she said. "He sends a great message to everyone that they can make a difference."

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