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Corona Residents On Edge With 2 Violent Home Invasion Robbery Suspects At Large

CORONA (CBSLA) --  Residents in Corona are on edge after a series of home invasion robberies with one ending up with a female homeowner knocked unconscious.

Officials say the two brazen -- and violent -- robbers are at large.

Authorities said, unfortunately, home invasion robberies are becoming more common -- and disturbing.

They released video of the two suspects hoping it will lead to their capture.

CBS2's Tina Patel spoke to one resident the two men robbed Thursday morning. She didn't want her face shown on camera fearing the men could come back.

"In my bedroom, in my bed, my drawer, everything. they touched everything," the woman says.

She shared cellphone video of the mess the men left behind with CBS2/KCAL9.

"I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking, oh my God, violated, it's very personal, it's very personal," she said.

The victim told Patel she actually feels lucky. The suspect allegedly robbed a 48-year-old neighbor who they knocked unconscious.

The woman who originally spoke to Patel cannot believe the men were violent.

"I told my husband that they are not human, because no human can do that to a human. they're animal," she said.

The two men got away but authorities are hoping the release of the surveillance video will help identify them.

The men are shown walking up and down the street knocking on doors before they attempted to break in.

The woman who was knocked unconscious acknowledged that someone had knocked on her door earlier but she didn't answer because she didn't recognize the person.

"A short time later, [she] heard noises downstairs. came down and saw the male that was at the door inside her residence with another black male. The last thing she remembers was being punched in the face," says Cpl. Jody Perkins of Corona Police.

Corona Resident Off Camera
(credit: CBS)

Authorities say most burglars will move on if they think someone is inside a home. So they advise residents to always make their presence known, even if they don't feel comfortable answering their door.

"Just call out through the door so they know that someone is home," says Perkins.

The homeowner whose residence was ransacked says her neighbor is shaken up and scared knowing that the men who assaulted her are still on the loose.

"She's really badly injured, and the people need to be caught so there can be justice for her," said her neighbor.

The two men were seen driving away from the Chase Ranch area in a silver Mercedes.

Anyone with information about the car or the two suspects is asked to contact Detective Gonzalez with the Corona Police Department (951) 279-3637.

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