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Children's Hospital Patients Get Room Makeovers, Brighter Spirits

LOS ANGELES ( — The lives of some patients at Children's Hospital Los Angeles got a little brighter Thursday, thanks to a former patient and a non-profit group's generosity.

Dec My Room, a program that designs hospital rooms for critically ill children, joined forces with 11-year-old Josie Hull to give the patients' rooms a free makeover.

Josie, who is still undergoing treatment as a formerly conjoined twin, said she's using her experience to cheer up other kids in similar situations.

"I've been in the hospital for many years," she said. "Seeing the kids enjoying the toys and stuff…I almost cried."

Chloe, a 2-year-old in recovery after being hit by a car, was stunned by her redecorated Hello Kitty themed room.

The young child's mother, Valerie Gutierrez, said, "Seeing my daughter smile, it gives me happiness. It lifts my spirits…seeing her happy."

Casey Fisher, an 8-year-old leukemia patient, had his room decorated with monster trucks.

"Because he's been through so much, we're just looking for anything and everything to try to bring him around psychologically," said Casey's father, Alan.

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