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CBS2 Exclusive: Top LAX Exec Resigns In 'Sexting' Scandal

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — CBS Investigative reporter David Goldstein has learned that a top LAX official has resigned his post after allegations surfaced that he was sexting and sending sexually explicit messages on his LAX-issued phone.

Goldstein tracked Michael Molina down at his house but Molina had no comment.

LAX CEO Gina Marie Lindsey confirmed the resignation to Goldstein late Wednesday afternoon.

Goldstein asked Lindsey if the allegations of sexting were true and she replied, "There were some allegations of that. I asked him about it and he resigned."

Molina was with LAX for three years. His reported salary: $192,400.

Mayor Villaraigosa declined to comment about the resignation but said if the allegations were true, it was certainly not appropriate, "on any city issued phone...or any phones for that matter."

Prior to working for LAX, Goldstein reports that Molina was a chief of staff for council member Janice Hahn.


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