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Fitness Guru Designs Booty-Conscious Apparel To Empower Women

LOS ANGELES ( — As the new year quickly approaches, many resolution hopefuls will once again find themselves craving elusive results at the gym.

And while the belief of strict dieting and intensive workouts may help some get in shape, others will desert their new goal from lack of instant gratification.

If you find yourself slacking in 2017, don't fret. A Boston-based trainer's fitness empire, Booty by Brabants (BBB), may be the perfect motivation to help get you back on track.

(credit: Kelly Brabants)

For several years, Kelly Brabants pursued a career as a trained dancer in Los Angeles and New York City.

But after realizing her passion lied within the fitness industry, Brabants set her dreams of show business aside and launched BBB -- a fitness and fashion line, which promotes self-confidence, unrelenting dedication to health, and authenticity.

"I created BBB to make everyone feel individually beautiful, strong and powerful in their own way," Brabants said. "My goal since day one has been to build a platform that I could use to empower women, and to encourage them to feel confident in their own skin."

In 2014, the BBB founder began teaching heart-pumping, full body strength workout classes at several prestigious gyms within the New England area.

She expanded her brand, channeling her Brazilian roots, and designed leggings made from moisture-wicking fabric, which quickly gained popularity among her clients.

The certified trainer later broadened her apparel line to include additional leggings, sports bras, track jackets and swimwear, which are all specially crafted in Rio de Janeiro.

"My class and fashion line are about embracing your curves and feeling beautiful from the inside out," she added. "It's not about being a cookie cutter version of someone else. It's about being yourself and interpreting music, fitness, fashion and style in your own way, making it authentically you."

Brabants says the presence of BBB on social media, along with professional marketing, has played a key role in attracting clients and customers.

A unique addition to the production of BBB apparel, which many customers don't initially realize, stems from the help and support of family and friends.

"The best part of BBB is the family dynamic," she said. "Everything we do is with love and care. I hope that my customers feel the passion we have for this company."

Since launching BBB, Brabants has taught classes and donated apparel to the following charities: School on Wheels, The Pink Agenda, Heading Home, American Heart Association and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

To date, her biggest involvement for charity was made through fundraising efforts for metastatic breast cancer.

"My best friend's mother was diagnosed about two years ago with Stage 4 breast cancer," Brabants explained. "Since then, I have held two huge events, named 'Booty's for the Battle', [which] raised almost $50,000 with 100 percent of all proceeds going to metastatic breast cancer research organizations MBCN and METAvivor."

For more information about BBB, click here.

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