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Best ACT And SAT Prep In Los Angeles

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Thinking about attending college is exciting for any high school student planning on furthering his or her education. However, with all the necessary prep work in mind, this phase of life can also carry a heavy burden. That said, scholars searching for the best chance of attending the most coveted university or college on his or her list of favorites can often get a better grip on required standardized testing far before matriculation to that place of higher education is even a possibility. So, for those who want the advantage of scoring as high as possible, consider the following practiced places in the City of Angeles that are stoked and staffed to get you ready to do well during particularly important blind auditions called the ACTs and the SATs, a prelude to almost any college career.


Elite of Los Angeles
3301 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90010
(213) 365-8008

College-bound students raring to make the most of their SATs or ACTs may be well advised to sign up at Elite of Los Angeles for classes that will help their scores soar. This well-educated firm, which is based in Irvine and has branches located both Southern and Northern California, is anything but a study-based factory. In fact, the Los Angeles branch in particular is led by teachers who studied at Ivy League schools as well as educators who were tops in their class in colleges found on prestigious University of California campuses. ACT classes are held for either four weeks or six weeks, depending on need, and SAT classes are set for an intensive 14 weeks.

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Klass Tutoring
3125 Curts Ave., Suite 1000
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(310) 948-1393

For the optimum effect, some students need extra attention when it comes to preparing for the SATs and the ACTs. For these serious, college-bound scholars, a one-on-one tutor may turn out to be a better and more effective option than a full-blown class. Klass Tutoring has a solid reputation for finding the right tutor to suit the right high school student. Scholars on hand at this communicative firm come from diverse disciplines. If, for instance, your child is artistically inclined, he or she may want to elect to study with Andrew. This veteran staffer is someone who studied music composition and French at top-flight Oberlin College in Ohio. That said, for math-minded kids, there are other tutors perhaps more suitable, and for those who excel in literature, there are even more. Just leave it to Klass to pick the right person to tutor your college-bound child.

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Veritas Prep
22741 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 300
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-8716

A crash course in standardized testing is available at this tried-and-true facility located in various locations around the City of Angels. In fact, a bevy of Saturday classes are available throughout the year for those who want to be truly ready to take on the SATs with a vengeance when the time comes. By way of background, Veritas Prep was originally formed at Yale University in Connecticut but has since established headquarters in Southern California. This is the right place for your kids to take advantage of learning how renowned experts approach the daunting task of taking a test that everyone else in the nation is taking in order to get into the college or university of his or her choice.

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LA Tutors
455 N. Los Angeles St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 622-1155

Looking for some help for your college-bound kid taking the SATs and/or ACTs but don't have the time nor the transportation to travel to the right spot to get this done? Consider LA Tutors, a group of celebrated educators who will work with your child on his or her own turf. Besides showing up to teach the ins and outs of test taking, these specialized teachers will instill strategies for these kinds of standardized tests that could come in handy in other higher education pursuits as time goes by. And, along with that promise is the fact that nobody in your house has to drive anywhere in order to get in on this specific scholarly service.

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ACI Institute
1041 S. Garfield Ave., Suite 100
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 300-8352

With 25 years of helping high school students in numerous Southern California locations excel in standardized tests under its belt, this outfit has proved its prowess. So, whether your child is aiming for the Ivy League, a UC or anywhere in between, ACI will assist in getting him or her there with more confidence and the best scores possible after taking lessons aimed at taking on either the SAT or the ACT. Fact: Many students who have sat in class at this institute's many branches hold bragging rights as members of the SAT 2400 club. For those not in the know, that means a perfect store for this particular standardized test, which, in turn means a most likely ticket to any college or university in the entire nation.

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