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Another Leak Reported At Aliso Canyon And Homeowners Are Mad

PORTER RANCH ( — Another leak has been reported in Aliso Canyon.

Southern California Gas was quick to point out Saturday that the leak was caused by "a third-party company" not owned or operated by them.

Crimson Resource Management called the oil leak "minor" and said it has already been repaired.

"Very common in the oil field to have minor leaks. It's something we work very hard at avoiding, but things happen. It was a minor repair -- a turn of a wrench -- and it's done," said Scott Buntmann, production superintendent for the company.

Southern California Gas wrote its customers to say "it was a localized oil spill with gas venting at their petroleum well."

An incident report filed with the Governor's Office of Emergency Services said the spill was less than 50 gallons.

Tonight, one homeowner called for the shut down of the facility.

The angry homeowner -- Vilma Paylan -- spoke to CBS2's Erica Nochlin.

"It's outrageous at this point," she said.

Even though SoCal Gas said the latest spill was not their fault, Paylan doesn't care.

"I don't think anybody in Porter Ranch cares about whose fault it is at this point," she said. "It's coming from Aliso Canyon and we need it shut down."

Paylan is still living out of a hotel with her kids. She told Nochlin she took small comfort in knowing today's leak was minor.

"We are scared to come back home," she said. "I just want them out. Because this is going to happen again. And again. And again. And I don't think it's going to stop."

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