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Albino Cobra Caught In Thousand Oaks

THOUSAND OAKS ( — Animal control officers Thursday captured a albino cobra that attacked a dog in Ventura County.

The 5-foot-long albino monocled cobra, native of southeast Asia,was captured in the backyard where it was first spotted Monday, by a tool shed under some debris.

Animal Care and Control officers used snake poles to hook the snake, which at one point lifted its head and opened its mouth, making it difficult to put into a wooden box. It took officers two attempts to finally secure the animal.

"Was it moving quickly or was it mellow? No, it was docile," Animal Care and Control Lt. Fred Agoopi said.

The cobra was loose for four days when resident Tanya Gray spotted it at about 2:30 p.m. as she drove by, on her way to pick up her daughter from school. She pulled over and took pictures of the snake. She stayed cool and alerted everyone nearby.

Before its capture, the cobra was last seen Monday night in the 1300 block of Rancho Lane in Thousand Oaks after it attacked a greyhound, officials said.

The dog, Kiko, was bitten in the neck and taken to a veterinarian. It is expected to make a full recovery.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife and LA Animal Services officers had posted informational fliers in the neighborhood and have urged residents to keep pets and children inside.

It was not known if the snake had venom glands removed, so Animal Control officers were operating under the assumption that the cobra is venomous.

While the owner of the cobra had not come forward as of Thursday afternoon, a company that rents out exotic animals for film and TV shoots located just 10 miles away is considered a possible origin for the reptile.

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