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6th Street Bridge closed for third straight night

6th Street Bridge closure
6th Street Bridge closure 00:59

For a third-straight night, the Los Angeles Police Department has shut down the newly renovated 6th Street Viaduct Bridge to all car traffic. 

LAPD announced the closure on Twitter, saying it will keep the bridge closed due to "questionable activity."

With no vehicles permitted, people certainly enjoyed a night walk through the bridge on Sunday night.


The bridge has been open to car traffic for two weeks not but has become a popular place for dangerous activity. 

On Friday night, following a closure more than 200 people showed up the bridge for a street takeover, which ended with a car crash.

From street takeovers, drivers doing donuts, people climbing on the bridge to a man getting a hair cut in the middle of traffic, just about everything a person can imagine has happened and been recorded at the city's newest project, which costed tax payers just under $600 million.

It's unclear at this moment how long the bridge will be closed to car traffic or if LAPD will continue to shut it down to car traffic on a nightly basis. 

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