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VIDEO: 2 Kids Desperate To See 'Black Panther' Try Sneaking In Using 'Tall Man' Trick

CARSON (CBSLA) -- Two creative teenagers who wanted to see the new Marvel film "Black Panther" but weren't willing to pay the cost of admission put on their best disguise in an attempt to trick the theater's manager and pay for only one ticket.

"We tried getting the two for one special," the post read. "The manager was not having it."

With one teen climbing onto the other's shoulders, the pair attempted to disguise themselves as one very, very tall man.

The two polished off the look with a long trench coat and classic fedora.

The admirable attempt, which was all caught on camera, ended in disappointment when the ticket attendant told the teens he wasn't buying the disguise.

It's not clear whether or not the teens ended up seeing the film that grossed $192 million in ticket sales in North America over the weekend.

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