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Yuba County Sheriff's Deputy Saves Baby Who Stopped Breathing

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — It was a moment when seconds mattered and a life was on the line.

According to the Yuba County Sheriff's Office, a deputy saved a one-year-old baby during a medical call back in May.

Bodycam video shows Deputy Valentino Aguirre giving CPR to an infant who wasn't breathing.

"Are you OK? How old is he? You good? What's his name?" He can be heard saying in the body cam video.

A family was crowded around a small child, clearly desperate for a miracle at the hands of Deputy Aguirre.

"When I got him he was pretty stiff and he wasn't opening his eyes; he wasn't making any noises," Aguirre said.

He placed the child on his knee and began CPR. After two long minutes, the baby started to spit up fluid and cry a little bit.

And shortly after, the baby would be back in his family's arms. It was a scare no parent wants to live through.

Deputy Aguirre said sadly, this type of crisis doesn't always end happily.

"This past year I've been dealing with a lot of those calls similar to that and it wasn't a good outcome. I was either there a little too late or it was reported a little too late," he said.

Deputy Aguirre reunited with the family a few weeks later during a medal ceremony at city hall. He urges parents to get CPR training so they can start life-saving measures before first responders get to the scene.

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