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Tuff Shed Village Constructed For Homeless In Yuba City

YUBA CITY (CBS13) — Construction on 20 tiny home sheds began Tuesday in Yuba City. The Tuff Shed village will help house the homeless in Yuba City.

Officials in Sutter County say its a start to solving a problem and its money well spent to get homeless into transitional housing.

Chuck Smith with Sutter County said the sheds can be used for up to 90 days as an emergency shelter for temporary housing as long as the occupants are working to get permanent housing.

"The Better Way Shelter is for people that want to get off the river, want to get off the street, and want to work on any issues that cause the homelessness and they won't be alone," Smith said. "And the caseworkers will be with them step by step with them all the time."

The 20 tiny homes by Tuff Sheds are located in Yuba City on Live Oak Boulevard behind the Behavioral Health Building on county property. Each shed costs $4,800. Smith said the funding comes from state money for housing.

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He said the location made sense and is away from neighbors.

"I am so proud I'm glad that we can be the beginning of a solution. I think it's wonderful and exciting," Kym Lucero, Tuff Shed Manager, said.

They created a carefully-planned campus with the 10 by 16 sheds. The interior has room for two twin beds and even a cage for pets. Air conditioning will come later, but so far, all the comforts of home are there, and it's definitely an upgrade from a tent.

"It's better than sleeping in a tent in the winter, getting soaked, your stuff soaked wet," Robert McMullen said.

McMullen lives with his wife on 2nd Avenue. He's waiting on the Tuff Shed campus where trailers will be added for bathrooms and showers.

Work will be completed early next week and everyone who chipped in deserves a pat on the back

"I'm pretty proud of what we did here we did a really good job here," Ruvim Salamatov with Good and Upright Construction said.

Work is expected to be completed next week.

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