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Woman's Ring Seemingly Exploded, Likely Saved Her Finger From Stray Bullet In Loomis

LOOMIS (CBS13) — It was a close call for one Loomis woman after a shooting outside her home. A stray bullet passed through the wall of her house and just grazed the ring on her finger.

For Tasi Monforte, the rings she wears are now about much more than style. They're about protection.

Last January, she was folding laundry inside her home when she looked down and the ring on her finger had seemingly exploded.

"It was a really loud bang," she said.

Outside her home on Angelo Drive, a group of teenagers was firing shots out of a car window, eventually leading police on a high-speed chase through town.

(credit: Tasi Monforte)

Tasi's fiancé Mason said one of those stray bullets entered their home and put a hole in their wall.

"It went through the wall and hit a knot in the stud and then it deflected and it hit her ring," he said.

The bullet barely grazed the ring on her finger, but she felt the impact.

"There was this sudden pressure in my hand," Tasi said.

Tasi didn't know exactly what happened that night—that is until she found the bullet on the floor the next day.

"I got off my bed to go get dressed and I heard a thunk, and I found the bullet," she said.

Then, she worked with deputies to connect the random shooting on her street to the bullet that ended up in her bedroom. Tasi and Mason still can't believe how lucky she got.

"Unlucky that it happened but lucky that it happened the way that it did," Mason said.

"I was like 'It's crazy that this little ring from a Hawaii vendor saved my hand!' " Tasi said.

One of those teenagers involved in the shooting outside her home was eventually arrested. The Placer County Sheriff's Office posted Tasi's story, saying it is the most interesting piece of evidence they've come across.

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