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Drivers Pull Over For Night As Winter Storm Slams Sierra

DONNER SUMMIT (CBS13) - A wintry mix prompted spin-outs and backups in the Sierra Monday.

A short and simple drive to work on I-80 turned chaotic pretty quickly for Lori Sanders.  Sanders captured a quick video while stopped in standstill traffic to let her boss know she'd be late.

"How do I say this without being inappropriate… not very seasoned drivers on the road, we had a lot of spin-outs, a lot of people getting off on the shoulders," said Sanders.

Tim Taylor is not even taking any chances on the road.  He pulled over planning to hunker down for a night in his car at a gas station to wait out the rough weather.

"I'm waiting it out probably until the morning until it's not so icy," said Taylor. "It's probably for the best, a little safer in your car."

It wasn't too treacherous for everyone. One group drove to Donner Summit from Sacramento just to try out their new snowmobile.

"We went up there maybe two minutes up and I got stuck and then we were up there for like 30 minutes trying to get it out," said Anton.

"You know if you come up here, chain up be responsible know your weather. And be prepared," said Sanders.

The National Weather Service says the Donner Pass and Soda Springs saw more than 29 inches in 24 hours as of Monday.

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