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Wildlife Cut-Outs Near Nimbus Fish Hatchery Look Like 'Real Deal'

GOLD RIVER (CBS13) — It's a fake-out at the fish hatchery. Animal cut-outs that look like the real deal are causing double-takes and extra caution among neighbors.

A very real-looking mountain lion is sparking a lot of attention at the Nimbus Dam recreation area. The cut-out is so realistic that calls have come in, reporting a cougar in the area.

This wildlife display, along with others, is simply meant to remind people that we share this space with other creatures.

One passerby said: "He actually grabbed me and said 'Mountain Lion!' and I look over and it's a life-sized mountain lion kind of sketch that's just kind of leaning up against a chain-link fence, so yeah, it looks very real."

The cut-outs are a very real reminder of what can lurk in the area around the fish hatchery. In fact, another person CBS13 spoke with said he did spot a cougar last week right next to the cardboard cut-out.

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