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Women's History Month: Modesto Truckers Pave Way To Break Barriers

MODESTO (CBS13) — During Women's History Month, we're looking at women who have shattered glass ceilings — women who are not only pioneers but also committed to their communities.

One Modesto woman has made it her job to keep America running.

Life on the road is not easy, but Jeannie Dennis doesn't mind crisscrossing the U.S.

"I listen to a lot of audiobooks and music – a lot of music – and then sometimes I just enjoy the quiet," Dennis said of her travels.

That's nice, especially, when you've been driving trucks as long as she.

Dennis is part of an elite group of truck drivers who reached new milestones in the industry. She and Diana Avila have each gone a million miles without any accidents while working at Dot Transportation Inc. in Modesto.

The company said it's an extraordinary feat when thinking about the risks on the road.

"From high winds to snow and ice, those are very dangerous situations you have to be prepared for the worst," said Larry Baca of Dot Transportation.

Misty Robles has gone 500,000 miles accident-free.

"I'm very proud that I made that many miles," she said.

The accomplishment is a proud moment given only about 1 in 10 truck drivers are women, according to a recent survey. Other women are entering the industry, especially with the truck driver shortage.

Avila has nearly 23 years under her belt. She says she's keeping her foot on the gas.

"When I see these miles, it encourages me to go further," Avila said.

Together, these women are paving the way to breaking barriers.

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