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Warm Weather Brings People Outside During Stay-At-Home Order

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom has said it over and over: "We're not out of the woods yet." At each press conference, he urges people to stay inside unless they're going to the store for the essentials or getting fresh air near their neighborhood.

Stores like Lowe's in West Sacramento sees a lot of traffic during the day, especially when the weather is nice and people don't have much to do in quarantine. As the weather warms up, Ken Hansen picked up another plant for his new home garden.

"This is the fourth or fifth one we've purchased," Hansen said.

More and more people have developed green thumbs, and flocking to places like Lowe's to spruce up their outdoor spaces. Hansen said every time he's at the store, there's no shortage of people.

"I'm assuming the people here are doing some kind of project," Hansen said.

Distancing inside hasn't been an issue, he said. He feels safe when he walks in the doors.

"You don't see a lot of people wearing masks out here but as soon as you're in there, 75% of the people are wearing masks," Hansen said.

Meanwhile, parks are also seeing an uptick in traffic because of the heat.

On Saturday, people were picnicking at a distance at McKinley Park. Families were splashing in the American River. Boaters were hitting the water, while others soaked up the sun on the sand alongside it.

Dozens headed to places like Discovery Park, where when it comes to socially distancing, Alicia Moore said some people get a little too close.

"Now it's getting a little crazy," Moore said. "There's a lot more people than we expected. I think we're all just giving each other the eye like 'Back up, you're a little too close.' "

Park rangers told CBS13 on Friday they're taking an educational approach to all of this and not enforcing distancing guidelines with citations. Instead, they're letting people know about the things they shouldn't be doing. Things like tying boats together or heading out with anyone outside of their immediate household.

People like Christine Rich said seeing people out and about this weekend is comforting and the way things should be.

"It's nice to see the activity," Rich said. "People aren't being afraid and shut up in their houses anymore."

Still, officials are urging people to continue obeying the stay-at-home order until they can ease up on the restrictions.

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