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Ultrasound Reveal, Drewski's and Mansculpting - April 23, 2015

Daily List: Once-Common Baby Names on the Verge of Extinction
Many once-popular baby names are on the road to extinction! When is a name on the way out? According to the Social Security Administration, when it drops to about five babies given that name in a year.
On the daily list this morning, six names that hit that low point in 2013.
CASA El Dorado
For the past 19 years, CASA volunteers have made and delivered box lunches to customers in business and school offices throughout our county making this fundraiser one of the longest running events in our region.
Ultrasound Reveal
Is it a boy or girl? Good Day is having a baby! Okay not really but we're there as a viewer finds out if their precious bundle of joy is a boy or girl LIVE!
Peek A Boo
1441 Secret Ravine Parkway Ste. 140 Roseville
Runnin' For Rhett
Runnin' for Rhett is a non-profit foundation that was founded on December 7th, 2007 by a grass roots group of family and friends that love Rhett Seevers. Rhett died at just 7 years old from cerebral palsy.
Sunday, April 26th @ 9:50 am
Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen
Drewski's Hot Rod Kitchen is cooking breakfast for the GoodDay Cast & Crew.
(916) 502-0474
Cosmetic Surgery isn't just for the ladies, these days even the dudes are going under the knife to fix their supposed flaws!
Elite Body Sculpture
Travel On Your Tax Return
Strategizing to stretch your travel dollar!
Manly Minute – Break In A Baseball Glove
Baseball season is once again upon us. If you or your kiddo bought a new glove, you're going to need to break it in. Here are a few tips on how to break in a baseball glove the right way.

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