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Thieves Caught On Camera Breaking Open ATM At Vacaville Liquor Store

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Driving a stolen Yolo County van, two masked men broke into a Vacaville liquor store, cracked open the ATM, and made off with a cash box inside.

It happened Friday morning before 6 a.m. at the Vaca Liquor store.

Surveillance shows the stolen white van pulling up and one of the masked suspects jumps out and starts breaking the glass and kicking the window and door in.

The suspect then wraps chains around the ATM and gives the driver, "the go-ahead."

Not once, but twice, the suspect driving the van backs up and eventually pulls the ATM outside the store.

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In seconds, the video shows glass and metal fly across the parking lot. It was enough force to break open the machine, and for these thieves to make off with a container of what Vacaville Police say looks like a cash box.

The "getaway vehicle," was a stolen county van. It had a Yolo County Education Office logo on it, which police say was not known was stolen until after the theft happened.

Eric Gray with ATM Champions, which installs and sells the machines, says most of the time the machines are physically secured to the floor. In this case, that didn't help.

"Just like anything, if you have a big enough truck or big enough bulldozer, someone can come up with a method to rip an ATM out of the wall or the floor," he said. "They planned ahead and had their chains ready to go, and wrapped up the ATM and pulled on it."

Police don't know exactly how much money was taken,  but do believe what is captured in the surveillance video is a cash box.

Police are now looking for two suspects and the van which was reportedly parked at a location in the city of Davis and was stolen from there.

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