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Several Months After Tahoe Couple Was Targeted By Killer, Family Offers Reward For Information

HOMEWOOD (CBS13) - Robert Spohr was shot and killed and his wife, Wendy, was left for dead last summer by a suspect who still has not been caught.

The crime happened back in June and the Spohr's daughter, Adrienne, is speaking out for the first time, offering a reward for any information about the man the Placer County Sheriff's Office says targeted her parents.

"I can't guarantee my mom or myself safety," Adrienne said. "He came here to kill my mom and my dad, and my mom, by some miracle, survived."

Wendy was shot twice in the head, while Robert was shot dead. Investigators are now saying the suspect likely hid inside their Homewood residence for hours waiting to kill.

"I think it was something that was planned," said Lt. Nelson Resendes with the Placer County Sheriff's Office.

Eight months later, the suspect still has not been caught and Wendy Spohr has yet to return home. She's rehabbing and trying to remember the man who killed her husband.

"Her husband of 45 years, together for 50 years is dead and at some point in time, she probably saw him like that," Adrienne said.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video leaving the Spohrs home with his face covered up tough to identify.

CBS13 asked Adrienne if her mom remembers anything from the day her husband was killed.

"No, and to be honest with you, I don't know if I'll ever want her to because she would have seen my dad with gunshot wounds," she said.

Without Wendy's memory, the Spohr family is offering a $150,000 reward for anyone who may have seen something.

"He walked along that bike lane for almost an hour. There's people who travel along that bike lane with GoPros and camera footage," Adrienne said.

So after eight months, what do investigators know so far about the suspect?

The sheriff's office told CBS13 the murder was not random. Here's why.

"The fact that this person knew how to get into the house, where to hide undetected, leads us to believe there's more to it," Lt. Nelson Resendes said.

Sources told CBS13 that investigators are considering the possibility the suspect was hired to kill the Spohrs, hoping the large reward will turn up answers for the family.

"When I walk in the door downstairs, there are photos all over the walls with a happy family. One person can come along and shatter that in an instant. That makes me angry," Adrienne said.

The Placer County Sheriff's Office says they are still actively investigating.

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