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Chilling Video Shows Moments Leading Up To Death Of Stockton Officer And His Killer

STOCKTON (CBS13) - It's a day many will not forget: A Stockton police officer was gunned down while responding to a domestic violence call.

Bodycam video shows the full view of the harrowing moments from that fateful day. It was released as part of the Stockton Police Department's investigation into the May 11 shooting.

"I think the man is going crazy over there, he's been acting strangely the last few days," said one 9-1-1 caller.

Stockton Police officer Jimmy Inn walked up to a door to check out reports of a domestic disturbance and was greeted with gunfire. Inn was down. His partner officer Pancho Freer, took cover and frantically called for backup

'Shots fired...partner down! Jimmy, you alright?" Freer yells.

The suspect, Lance Lowe, came out of the home and shot at Officer Freer, hitting his patrol car

"Shots partner is down! Code three now!" Freer shouted.

Freer feared for his life while Inn lay bleeding on the ground.

"Jimmy stay with me!" he shouted to him.

Then a new threat emerged: the suspect came out of the home, holding his 8-year-old son by the neck.

"Don't do it! Let the kid go!" warned Freer.

The two face off.

"I don't want to kill you," said Freer to the suspect.

All the while, Freer continued to call help.

'Code three, he is strangling the kid and my partner is down!" said Freer.

You could see it all on cell phone video. The standoff continued until a Good Samaritan neighbor tackled the suspect, causing Lowe to release the boy.

Freer then opened fire, killing Lowe. Officer Jimmy Inn later died of his injuries. He was a five-year veteran of the force and father of three.

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