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Snow Lovers Head To Sierra Early To Avoid Storm As Businesses Prep

BOREAL (CBS13) — The Sierra is expecting a big storm this weekend with eight inches of snow Friday night and another foot Saturday.

Businesses bank on this time of year and that means they must be ready.

"We have blowers, shovels, whatever we need to keep the sidewalks clean," said Cindy Leggett.

She stocks up when snow is about to pile up on I-80.

"Once that slows down, they will all turn in here," she said.

Leggett runs a company that cleans and cares for travel centers.

"They can clear out the supplies in the bathroom in no time flat, so there's got to be someone here all the time keeping them stocked up and swept up," she said.

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Thousands will be heading up the hill to enjoy an estimated two feet of snow in two days.

"Oh yeah, ready for some fresh pow for sure," said Alex Segar from Nevada City.

Ski resorts are ready for what Mother Nature brings.

Matt Peterson from Boreal Mountain Resort/Woodward said, "Snowcats, plows, front end loaders. We have huge snow machines so we don't require any outside assistance."

Caltrans is also ready with 650 employees on duty and nearly 200 pieces of snow equipment between I-80 and Highway 50.

This time of year, all that white means plenty of green for those who bank on business during the winter season.

"For this year to receive already 75 inches of snow another 20 on the way, we got a 48-inch base. We are looking at being 100 percent open. People in the bay are stoked," said Peterson.

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