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'When Is Enough Enough': Assistance Center Opens At Cal Expo For People Impacted By Downtown Sacramento Mass Shooting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- On Monday, a family assistance center opened at Cal Expo offering help to anyone impacted by Sunday's deadly mass shooting in downtown Sacramento.

Support ranges from help making funeral arrangements to processing information from police and access to ongoing trauma counseling.

It's a resource one survivor calls imperative.

"Every time I hear of another mass shooting, I fall to my knees and I get really upset," Lisa Fine said. "It's just so sad it keeps happening over and over and over, and it just shouldn't be happening in our nation."

Lisa knows what it's like to be at the center of a mass shooting. She survived the 2017 massacre in Las Vegas that left 59 dead and injured more than five hundred.

Her advice to witnesses and survivors of Sunday's shooting: get support right away.

"Because the trauma doesn't stop after a day or two," Lisa said. "It lasts throughout your life."

The family assistance center in Sacramento provides that help.

"Sometimes trauma sneaks up on folks. They don't realize what's happening," said Nina Acosta, program manager with the Victim Witness Program in Sacramento County. "They can start having nightmares and things like that. So we're here to support that."

To protect privacy, only those impacted by the shooting are allowed inside. Acosta says those who have walked through the doors include victims, family members and witnesses of Sunday's mass shooting.

"We're getting people connected with counseling immediately to try to work through some of these things because a lot of people are still in shock right now," she said.

Five years after surviving the Las Vegas shooting, Lisa admits she's still left with more questions than answers.

"When is enough enough?" she said. "When are we going to have solutions to these mass shootings?" 

The family assistance center is scheduled to stay open through Friday.

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