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Sacramento Renters, Landlords Oppose Possible Eviction Moratorium Extension

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The clock is ticking for state lawmakers considering whether to extend eviction protections for renters who apply for a COVID-19 rent relief program.

The deadline to submit an application is Thursday.

On Wednesday morning, Carmen Rivera anxiously walked to the State Capitol.

"My concern is we will be homeless with nowhere to go," she said.

The single parent is pleading with legislators to ban COVID-19 related evictions.

The Senate is expected to hear AB 2179 Thursday on an eviction moratorium extension. It's a bill that landlords and tenants oppose.

If passed and signed into law, the extension only covers renters who apply before March 31.

"It also takes away the power for local municipalities who are dealing with homelessness, who are dealing with housing insecurity to say, 'Hey, we're going to do our own thing and protect people because we know we need to,' " said Luis Fernando Anguiano of Alliance of California For Community Empowerment, a tenant advocacy group.

The bill outlines local jurisdictions are preempted from enacting new protections. This means cities and counties cannot have eviction protections in place before July 1, which is when the proposed bill would end.

The California Rental Housing Association represents landlords and says members prefer payment plans over evictions.

"That will be our last recourse in every circumstance, but it can't be off the table," said Christine LaMarca, president of the association who also owns and manages properties.

While Rivera waits to see if she qualifies, CBS13 looked at who's receiving rent relief. The state reports more than 500,000 households applied, but fewer than half qualified. It's distributed close to $2.6 billion

"All I'm waiting for is for the 31st … an answer from them," Rivera said.

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