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Report: Between 2012-2017 Sacramento Had 6th Most Pleasant Weather Of Major U.S. Metropolitan Areas

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A report published earlier this year confirms what Sacramento residents have known all along: the weather here is some of the most pleasant in the nation.

Of the top 25 U.S. major metropolitan areas, the Sacramento area had the 6th highest number of days considered pleasant between 2012-2017, according to a report by data reporter Taras Kaduk.

He used three criteria to define pleasant weather: the maximum temperature was between 60-90 degrees, the minimum temperature was between 40-70 degrees, the average temperature was between 55-75 degrees, and there was no "significant" rain or snow.

The five areas with weather deemed more pleasant that Sacramento's were all in California.

The data was provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Census, Kaduk writes.

Major metropolitan areas were defined as areas with populations of over 1 million people.


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