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Dog Paralyzed In Back Legs After Being Shot By BB Gun In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Graf family was only gone for a few hours last Sunday for a soccer game, but when they returned, they were horrified at what they discovered in their backyard.

Tiffany Graf says she cried out when she found her puppy lying on the ground. She had to watch her backyard surveillance video to find out why her puppy suddenly couldn't walk.

In the video, you can tell something didn't sit right as all three dogs started getting riled up. You can see shadows and hear the voices of people passing by as the dogs start trotting and barking along the fence.

But what happened next was gut-wrenching as you hear multiple BB gunshots.

Some of those BBs hit Zelda, a German Shephard not even six months old. The video shows the pup fall to the ground as you hear her gasping and whining in pain.

"They shot at my other dog, they missed," said 12-year-old Riley.

He wants the shooter caught and held accountable.

"I heard somebody say, 'You killed him.' But thankfully, they didn't," said Riley's mom Tiffany.

Zelda has a long road to recovery as she's now paralyzed in her back legs.

"She has feeling in her right back leg and minimal movement and then nothing in her left leg," said Tiffany.

Police believe the suspects may have been kids shooting BB guns through the fence from Morrison Creek, which runs behind the property.

"Now we're afraid to put our dogs in the backyard," said Tiffany.

Riley says he won't even go in the backyard anymore.

"Who does this? It's an innocent animal. It wasn't trying to hurt you. Why?" said Tiffany.

Sacramento police are investigating and encouraging any witnesses to come forward.

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