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Sacramento City Unified Families Brace For One-Day Strike

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Families of the 42,000 students in the Sacramento City Unified School District are bracing for a one-day strike as the Teachers Association says the district is engaging in unfair labor practices.

It would be the union's first strike in 30 years. Now parents are left to decide whether to stand alongside teachers and keep their kids home or send them to school.

It is a big choice but an easy one for the Del Duca family. Magnus and Melissa Del Duca day they're planning to show up early at Magnus's school, Alice Birney Elementary School, to stand alongside his longtime teacher, Janie Marks.

Alice Birney is a Waldorf-style school, which means Magnus has the same teacher from first through eighth grade. For Magnus, Ms. Marks is more than a teacher.

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"She's like family, and I can't imagine going through school without her," Magnus said.

Magnus and mom, Melissa, worry there may be no more music if the district runs out of money.

"What kinds of things is he going to have if there's no money? Can he have music? Can he have art?" Melissa asked.

So come Thursday, they plan to strike. Magnus said most of his classmates will be there too.

"I think it's important, so she knows that she's not alone and that she has people behind her that have her back," Magnus said.

"For me, it's really a no brainer, he shouldn't be there. He needs to be there to support his teacher," Melissa said.

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Other parents said they don't have the resources to keep their children home during the strike. Juanita Forte and her son Zion are new to the district. She will be at work on Thursday and has no childcare.

"I feel kind of bad for the teacher, like, be with us but at the same time everybody can't do it like that," Forte said.

She says she would rather Zion be at school.

"I feel like it has nothing to do with kids and their education I feel like if there are still teachers who are willing to teach why not?" Forte said.

Parents said strikes will begin early Thursday morning at schools across the district. District spokesman, Alex Barrios, said schools will be open and classes will be staffed appropriately even though he could not tell us how many substitute teachers will be called in.

That decision should be made by early Thursday morning.

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