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No Vaccine, No Service: More Sacramento Businesses Add Vaccination Card Requirements For Customers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — No vaccine, no service. More Sacramento businesses are hopping on the trend and asking customers to show proof of vaccination at the door.

Torch Club was among the first few businesses to ask for proof of vaccination to get inside. Now others, like Art Luna at Luna's Cafe, are taking on the task, too.

"It's the responsible thing to do," Luna said.

Outside his cafe, a sign reads "no shirt, no shoes, no vax, no admittance." That's good for both his employees and his customers.

"It encourages people to get vaccinated number one," Luna said. "But number two - it protects you, your employees, your customers."

These measures were adopted by Harlow's and the Starlet Room, too, as they await their reopening later this month.

"This is the day we've all been waiting for since March 13 of last year," said Julia Heath, with Harlow's.

The venue has spent 500 days in the dark, and now they're taking matters into their own hands. They're setting the stage with safety.

"I do wish we weren't the ones having to make this call," Heath said. "I wish the call was made for us."

Frustration was felt by many as public health agencies have left these bold decisions to business owners.

"I applaud them," said Ricki, who is in support of the initiative.

It's well-received by many but still drawing some division and backlash from others.

Social media comments suggest people may boycott the businesses.

"Even though we received some backlash - I still stand behind our decision 100%," Heath said.

Others are okay with it as long as it doesn't extend to more essential ones.

"You know it is a personal choice for everyone," said Logan Couch. "You can't get something you desperately need because you're not vaccinated."

The Russ Room, Badlands and The Depot are also requiring vaccination cards upon entry.

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