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Sacramento Business Takes A Chance On COVID-19, Announces Vacaville Beer Garden Expansion

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — As some businesses shut down for good, a Sacramento-based beer company is expanding to Vacaville.

The owners say the current climate could be exactly what they need to succeed.

The same people who own Sac Yard in Sacramento will transform an empty street corner off East Monte Vista in Vacaville into a beer garden called "Beer 40." They plan to open next month. The pandemic initially gave them pause, but then came a path to success.

Melody Thebeau is betting on finding a beacon of hope in beer.

"Beer always seems to be the drink of people. It's affordable and something I think people find solace in," she said.

The Sac Yard co-owner had plans to expand in March, then COVID-19 hit. She chose to move forward, confident her business model would bring success even as health concerns intensified. She said Beer 40 will have enough space for social distancing and tables will be placed six feet apart.

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"It becomes a place where it's a outdoor Cheers bar if you will. With families and dogs," Thebeau said.

It's welcome news to the city of Vacaville, where roughly two dozen businesses may not survive the pandemic.

"When you have a situation like this where you have many businesses closing and struggling and you're looking at empty storefronts and empty lots, to actually have a business that says 'we're here we're ready to open' really is a beacon of hope," said Nolan Sullivan, a Vacaville City Council Member.

Adam Fowler with Beacon Economics, a Los Angeles based research and consulting firm, said the data on retail spending has been better than expected. The pandemic is creating an opening for opportunists.

"There are certain sectors and industries that are going to thrive or be a lot more nimble or a lot more in demand during a pandemic," Fowler said.

For Thebeau, the ingredients are simple. Beer. Outside. Six feet apart.

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