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Sac State Students To Get Federal Coronavirus Relief Aid Starting Next Week

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Relief for students at Sacramento State University is on the way. Starting next week, the majority of their students will see some extra cash in their bank accounts.

It comes as a huge relief for students like Sage Beamon.

"I think during this time I was lowkey extra stressed because of classes and stuff. I thought 'Oh, great another thing to worry about!'" Beamon said.

Between juggling a job, a major and two minors, Beamon is already feeling the pressure. Those concerns grew when her job as a DJ was put on pause with the shelter-in-place order. She is hoping new federal aid will help ease the burden.

"When there is no events, there is no money. The relief that is coming. That is going to help me for a month, it's like I can breathe easy for at least a month," she said.

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Beamon is not the only one breathing a sigh of relief. Ed Mills, the Vice President of Student Affairs, said around 29,000 of the university's 30,000 students will receive a portion of the $17.8 million in federal aid to ease the financial strain from COVID-19 impacts.

"Many of our students work those hourly-wage jobs that have gone away," Mills explained. "They have to figure out what is next and how do I keep paying my rent or buying the food that I need, that is important," he continued.

Students who qualify for financial aid will automatically see money directly in their accounts or by mail.

The amount they receive is based on individual needs and broken down into three categories. Students who need the most help based will receive up to $850. The second group of funding will receive $400 and the third group of students who qualify for financial aid, but have not applied, will get $200.

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Students like Nahom Semere said every dollar counts. Semere works two jobs, and only has one working parent after his mother's daycare center had to stop operating due to COVID-19 impacts.

"School and work are stopping but the bills aren't," he explained, "One of my parents is not able to work, so getting pretty much anything helps at this point."

Students who need extra help and qualify will be able to apply for a portion of an additional $1.6 million set aside by the university starting next Friday.

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