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Dog Believed To Be In Danger With Spiked Wire Around Its Neck Found Safe In Roseville

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A dog believed to be in danger wandering the streets of Roseville with a sharp wire wrapped around its neck has been found safe.

Witnesses spotted the dog around town this past week with what appeared to be a thick, spiked wire around its neck, leading some to believe the animal was in severe pain.

"He has a wire contraption around his neck," said Kelly Devlin, one Roseville resident who was leading the charge to find the dog.

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A resident who was out searching for the dog Saturday morning found the animal on Americana Drive. Roseville Animal Control was called in to assist with getting the wire off of the dog's neck.

Officials discovered the dog has an owner, an owner who has cancer and is unable to take care of the dog on their own. The owner reportedly placed the spiked collar around the dog's neck in hopes of preventing the animal from escaping through a fenced yard at the home.

Animal Control said the dog was not in any pain and returned home every night after wandering the streets.


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