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Towering Rocklin Officer Didn't Need Ladder To Save Senior Inside 2-Story Home

ROCKLIN (CBS13) -  A simple welfare check in Rocklin is getting lots of attention after showing the great lengths an officer will go to get the job done.

Sally Linarez couldn't help but stare when she saw it with her own eyes. She'll admit, she didn't even think was possible.

"I thought, 'what the heck is going on in there?'" Linarez told CBS13.

Two Rocklin Police officers were mapping out how to get into a two-story home next door where an elderly woman had fallen down and couldn't get up.

"She had security cameras. She had a little stick in the window, which I would suggest for safety. She had all of her deadbolts locked," said Officer Jeff Kozak.

But even with all of that, Officer Kozak had his own tools to get inside and he made sure the woman was OK.

Credit: Rocklin Police Department

"He just jumps in the window like it was nothing and I'm like, 'how tall is this guy?'" said Linarez.

Officer Kozak is 6 feet 10 inches to be exact and it was his long legs that helped him hoist himself up the house.

"I just thought well, that's not something I could do, so I better document it as best as I can because that's pretty impressive," said his partner, Officer Jonathan Gee.

Officer Gee may not be as vertically gifted as his partner, but he's quick with a camera and savvy on social media. He posted the whole ordeal on Facebook, writing, "the house was locked up tight like the South Placer Jail."

Officer Gee's witty posts about their daily police life have the community paying attention.

"I think it's just a fun way to share with people what we do," said Officer Gee.

These two officers give people like Linarez a better idea of who's keeping them safe.

"He gets the job done and I was so excited because he protects us," said Linarez.

The woman inside the home was alright. In fact, her main concern was not damaging her home as she asked the officers not to kick down her door. Lucky for her, they didn't have to.

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