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Rocklin Parents Want Action After Controversial Quiz Question: 'Complete Attack On Conservatives'

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Parents in Rocklin were frustrated over a quiz question involving the KKK and Fox News, and they are calling on the district to take action.

Frustrated parents came face to face with the Rocklin Unified school board for the first time since a controversial quiz sparked concern.

"I know there is politics in history, but I don't want to know your politics and I don't think my kids should know your politics," said Whitney High School parent Kari Hamilton.

The history quiz question at Whitney High School asked:

A group of complete idiots is

a "KKK"
b "all of Florida"
c "Fox News"
d "Texans"

"It felt like a complete attack on conservatives," explained parent Tina Fancher. "Parents in a household are laying down a foundation for their children, it's not their role to change that foundation."

"This kind of attack on this guy is really not warranted," explained District parent Curtis Burton.

Burton doesn't believe the teacher did anything wrong.

"There is an obligation for teachers to keep things kind of interesting. The thing is the test question was obviously a crack at the KKK," he said.

The district recently opened an investigation into the incident, promising disciplinary action would be taken.

"Whitney High School continues to conduct a thorough investigation, which will result in disciplinary action. Once the investigation is complete, the school will determine improvements that can be made at its campus so all students feel welcome every day," said Sundeep Dosanjh, a Rocklin Unified School District spokesperson

Hamilton, who participated in a parent protest Monday fighting against divisiveness and political beliefs in the classroom, wants to see more action taken.

"To say there is going to be disciplinary action means nothing to us anymore. We have been told that and have not had any action. At least a suspension," she said.

The district did not give a timeline on how long the investigation will take to complete.

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