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Robbie Amell's Home Workout | Train Like

As the response to the coronavirus pandemic has required people to shelter in place and closed gyms, you've no doubt had to get creative to keep up as much of your daily routines as possible. You're not alone. For actors whose roles require them to be in particularly good shape, the quarantine period has offered a particular challenge: how to maintain their screen-worthy fitness level while they don't have direct access to their trainers and facilities they typically use. Robbie Amell, the actor you might know as Firestorm from CW's The Flash and Amazon's upcoming Upload (dropping May 1 on Prime), is currently faced with that dilemma. His situation is particularly tough, with a six-month-old baby in the house. Time, space, and energy might be limited—but Amell still found some time to lead us through his fitness routine from his garage in California.

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