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Fire Investigators Looking Into Possible Connection Between Rio Linda Fire And Suspicious Fires

RIO LIND (CBS13) - For homeowners in one Rio Linda neighborhood hit by a fast-moving fire, things could have been much worse.

Sacramento Metro firefighters rushed to contain this blaze that broke out Monday along 28th Street in Rio Linda.

"Just lots of brush, lots of trees, lots of room for this fire to grow," said Sacramento Metro Fire Department Capt. Parker Wilbourn.

"We were all shocked," said homeowner Jeanina Lup.

The fire burned right up to the Lup family home that they've been trying to renovate.

"That's been a lot of blood sweat and tears going into that project, so I think we're going to be pretty relieved if we can recover something," she said.

Other neighbors scrambled to save their animals as the flames continued to spread.

"It was pretty close; we got livestock -- we've got horses goats and stuff; we had to move the horse and the pony just to be safe," said neighbor Kodie Whitley.

Crews say they struggled to put the fire out.

"In this area, we don't have a lot of hydrants, so water supply was an issue for us," said Sacramento Meto Fire Department Battalion Chief Tony Peck.

They ended up using water from a nearby gold course to battle the blaze.

Arson investigators determined it was likely started from a discarded cigarette along the roadway.

"Looks like it spread from the grass into structures," said Wilbourn.

By the time the ten-acre blaze was out, the Lup family's garage and fences were destroyed. But their home only suffered some exterior damage.

"Seeing what they do, it's incredible," said Lup.

Fire crews say there have been several other suspicious fires in the area recently -- and they are trying to determine if they are connected.

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