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Record Warm Temperatures Possible This Week In Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Warmer temperatures will remain in Sacramento through the weekend with the potential for record numbers.

The forecasted highs will be steady in mid-to-low 70s through Sunday, and record warmth could be reached Wednesday  through Friday

On Wednesday, the forecasted high is 74 degrees while the record for that day, February 9, is 75 degrees. On Thursday, the forecasted high is 76 while the record is also 76. On Friday, the forecast shows a high of 75 degrees and the record for that day is also 75.

Though warmer temperatures are in the forecast, winds are expected to pick up Tuesday and Wednesday, with gusts in the valley expected to reach as high as 25 miles per hour in the Sacramento Valley both days. The foothills and the delta may see gusts of up to 30 miles per hour on Wednesday.

After a wet December, the region experienced a dry January. Looking further out into the forecast, the region may remain under this dry spell through much of February.

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