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Neighbors In Elk Grove Community Fearful After 86-Year-Old Woman Attacked

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — A man is in custody after a brutal attack on an 86-year-old woman in Elk Grove. Neighbors in the city's quiet Glenbrooke community are now concerned and cautious.

"It makes all of us angry and frustrated," explained neighbor Helen Barracco.

Barraco's fears come after her 86-year-old neighbor was attacked by a stranger after walking from her mailbox Monday.

"We were all scared because if it can happen right there, it can happen anywhere," she said. "I think he saw a way to get it. He asked for her car keys, she said she wanted her purse that was in the car, he wouldn't give it to her, tried to run her down."

Elk Grove police say 23-year-old Markee McDowell approached the woman from behind with a knife.

According to police, after McDowell got her car keys, he hit the victim causing her to fall to the ground. Then, he drove away in her car.

"I don't trust anyone anymore," explained woman named Lisa.

Lisa is another neighbor living in the 55 and older community. She is still shaken from the carjacking and didn't want to be identified out of fear for her own safety.

"Night fall comes, and we all stay in our homes. Now we are scared to death," she said. "To think that they are coming into a senior living area and preying on older people is really scary."

According to police, this is the second time McDowell has been arrested for carjacking in the neighborhood since 2018.

"We need to lock this guy up forever," said Lisa.

Fear and frustration have grown in this normally peaceful neighborhood -- a community now on guard looking out for themselves and others.

"I think we are all going to be extra super careful," explained Barracco. "We don't want it to happen again to anyone."

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