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Modesto Police Release Graphic Footage Of Shooting That Resulted In Officer's Amputated Leg

MODESTO (CBS13) — The Modesto Police Department released official footage from an incident that resulted in one officer needing his leg amputated after being shot.

The video starts with footage from a dashcam and helicopter following a motorcyclist that sped away from an attempted traffic stop.

Officers responded to the home the motorcyclist fled to, and the motorcyclist eventually surrendered.

Chopper and bodycam footage shows officers converging on the home as the suspect exited out of the house's front door with another individual. Both men were held at gunpoint and ordered to get on the ground with their hands behind their heads. The full video can be seen here. (WARNING: The footage contains graphic material. Viewer discretion is advised.)

After finding drugs on the suspect, officers obtained a search warrant for the home.

The footage continues with the bodycam of the officer who was shot—Michael Rokaitis. Rokaitis uses his patrol car's PA system to order anyone still in the home to come out before officers enter for their search.

"This is the Modesto Police Department. We know you are inside. We will be searching this house with this search warrant, but we'd like you to surrender peacefully," Rokaitis says over the PA system.

Three more people—two women and a man—exited the home during Rokaitis' announcements.

Footage from Officer Billing's bodycam shows multiple officers approaching the front door calling out again for anyone still inside to come out before they entered the home.

The officers began clearing the home, and when they approached the last bedroom, a separate unseen individual—later identified as 42-year-old Jesse James Brooks of Modesto—was found to be hiding in there and opened fire on the officers.

Jesse James Brooks, 42 (credit: Modesto Police Department)

Officer Rokaitis was shot as soon as he stepped into the doorway. He and the other officers immediately fired back at Brooks. Several shots were fired from all parties.

The shooting is scene from multiple angles, and in footage from Officer Davies' bodycam, she can be seen dragging a bloody Rokaitis away from the bedroom doorway after he was shot.

"I got you, buddy. I got you, buddy," Officer Davies says, before calling out for medical aid for Rokaitis. "I need one for Mikey. He's shot in the stomach."

Rokaitis was shot twice: once in his bullet-proof vest and once just below, hitting the artery to his right leg.

(credit: Modesto PD)

The footage continues with officers detaining a bloodied and injured Brooks.

Brooks received minor injuries when officers returned fire, was treated at a local hospital, and released back into police custody. He was arrested for various weapons violations and three counts of attempted murder of a police officer.


No other officers were injured in the shooting.

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