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Modesto Boy Starts Candy Cane Business To Give 20 Children New Bikes And Helmets

MODESTO (CBS13) — A little boy had a big surprise for 20 well-deserving kids, just in time for Christmas.

On Thursday, a six-year-old Modesto boy gave 20 children he doesn't even know new bikes and helmets.

Easton Baker is homeschooled. He doesn't know any students at Shackleford Elementary School in Modesto.

"He has a really kind heart. He always wants to do stuff for other kids," his father, Peter Baker, said.

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His parents say he was determined to make Christmas bright for as many kids as he could in the one way he knew how.

"Because I like my bike, so I think every single kid should have a bike," Easton said.

About two weeks ago, his mom says he and his little sister came up with a plan to spread some cheer.

"He and Avery were playing cash register. They had made these cute little candy canes," Fallon Baker said. "He decided he wanted to make real ones, start a little business. And we asked him what he wanted to use his money for and he said to buy bikes for kids for Christmas."

Easton then threw out the number 20. "Just like off the top of his head so pretty big goal," his dad said.

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So, the family got to work, transforming their kitchen into a candy store.

"This was a first. I had never made hard candy before, so I said we can experiment with this and see how it goes," Fallon Baker said.

The business took off. His dad said within a week Easton smashed the goal, selling more than 1,000 candy canes to buy the bikes and helmets.

He got to deliver those bikes to students selected by the school for their outstanding character, academic improvement, and attendance on Thursday. Easton brought smiles to their faces and made his Christmas wish come true.

"And he's just so so excited to be able to bring some joy to their lives because his bike is probably one of his favorite things he has," Fallon Baker said.

After his successful business venture in a short amount of time, Easton says he wants to do it again next year. This time he wants to make enough gingerbread houses to buy 30 bikes.

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