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Mysterious Woman With Amnesia In Davis Had Been Reported Missing Out Of LA

DAVIS (CBS13) - Questions are still swirling around the case of an L.A. County woman missing for months.

She was found in Davis and the woman is now back with family. CBS13 has uncovered the missing persons report from April 18th from the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

(credit: LA County Sheriff's Office/Davis PD)

Davis Police put out her picture a month later. Police finally identified the woman found in a Davis residents' home. She was confused, alone, and suffering from severe amnesia.

On April 18th, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office put out a missing-persons report for a 46-year-old woman matching the description of the woman found in Davis.

The Sheriffs Office report says this​ woman suffers from bipolar disorder and she wasn't seen or heard from, in more than a week.

"We had somebody who may have been missing, but we didn't know who they were," said Deputy Chief Paul Doroshov.

The woman was found behind Joy Snipes house.

"She just was calm and nothing out of the ordinary, just felt kind of sorry for her," said Joy.

Law enforcement uses a state database, called "the missing persons system" to track people across the state.

Davis Police says it doesn't use facial recognition technology, and without fingerprints, a criminal history, or a name,  they couldn't directly connect the dots or know who to search for.

Deputy Chief Doroshov says there is no magical database.

"It takes time, it takes work," says Doroshov.

CBS13 asked Dr. Judy Ho, Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychologist how law enforcement might begin tracking down someone's identity when they can't remember who they are.

"It becomes a big mystery for the local authorities to try to solve the issue because oftentimes they can wander very far from their home so no one around can provide any helpful information," she said.

Dr. Judy Ho says these cases can be brought on by intense stress, creating a calm environment can lead to some information.

Davis police won't confirm this woman's identity or confirm it's the same woman from Los Angeles, citing privacy reasons

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