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'Bullets Don't Have Names': Lodi Mom Who Lost Son To Gun Violence Steps Up After Sacramento Shooting

LODI (CBS13) - A Lodi Mom is taking her pain and pushing forward to help her community.

"The bullets don't have names. They just shoot and kill," said Leticia Galvan.

Galvan went through heartbreak no parent should ever endure.

"The person that killed him was on top of the roof. So when he came out, he shot him and my son died," said Leticia.

Devastated after losing her son to gun violence, Leticia took her heartbreak and turned it into hope by starting a non-profit in his name. The Luis G. Alvarez Jr. Rewards for Justice Foundation goes beyond Crimestoppers' $1,000 reward and offers upwards of $10,000 for information leading to an arrest. They're putting some of the money they've raised toward Sacramento's mass shooting.

"It was just so heartfelt because it was a lot of people and it just makes you cry," said Leticia.

Sunday's shooting was a call to action that got personal.

"This was on [April 3], and on the 2nd, they had killed my son six years ago, so it was really touching," Leticia said. "It was like what can we do, you know?"

"We strongly believe, my wife and I and our board members as well, that [if] you put a higher reward, it'll definitely encourage someone to come forward with information," said Leticia's husband Diego.

The couple is out to clean up their communities so other families don't suffer the same loss.

"Not just to get that element off the street but get that element and lock them up," Diego said. "To get it out of your neighborhood."

"Step up and do the right thing because you never know," Leticia said. "I never thought it was going to be me, and it was me. And here I am."

They're offering $10,000 for information that could lead to an arrest in the mass shooting. The Galvans will accept more donations to add to the reward. You can donate on the foundation's website.

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