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'Tears Me Into Pieces': Ukraine Crisis Prompts Local Women's Ministry To Help Refugees In Poland

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) -  In a small room of her church, Iryna Holovata teaches life lessons the kids may never forget.

"I personally feel that I'm doing something more than for myself. I'm doing something for my country. I'm teaching these kids about their culture, the place they're coming from," Holovata said.

During the hour and a half Ukraine school at Spring of Life Ukrainian church in Orangevale, they learn all things Ukraine, including the culture, the language and now, the war.

"They don't really understand what the war is in general, so they ask questions like 'Why is this happening,' like 'What's the point of it?' " said Holovata.

"My mom, every day she reads on Instagram and the news about it and she tells us about it," said Khrystyna Bolarak.

Bolarak is only 9 years old. She's already learning the atrocities of war.

"It's horrible. All the war and I just hate it," she said.

But they're not just teaching about Ukraine. Holovata's Mom and three other women from Spring of Life Church are now leaving for Poland to help Ukrainian refugees.

"I'm heartbroken. It tears me into pieces, knowing that my family is there. Just the thought, where are they? Will they be safe?" Natalya Sachuk said.

Sachuk has friends sending her pictures of women and children crammed into rooms desperately needing supplies.

"They're pregnant, they're in fear, they're far away from their husbands," Sachuk said. "I feel like I can do something and that's why I feel I have to go."

They're setting out to help half a world away, while the ones who stay here carry on their country's legacy.

"I think it's important first of all because the aggressor is trying to destroy the Ukrainian nation and these kids might forget about it," said Holovata.

The women's ministry leaves next week. They're holding a fundraiser at their church on Sunday to help raise money for the trip.

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