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Local Women's Ministry Packing For Poland To Help Ukrainian Women Refugees

ORANGEVALE (CBS13) -- There was an incredible show of support Sunday as a local women's ministry was packing up and preparing to head to Poland.

They're setting out to help women refugees struggling to make it on their own after escaping Ukraine.

"I have a huge heart for the moms that are pregnant and just gave birth and are with newborns," said Natalya Sachuk.

Sachuk started up Mama's Nest, a women's ministry at Spring of Life Ukrainian Baptist Church in Orangevale. Several of the members are now planning a trip to Poland to help women refugees and their children.

"Your heart just breaks for them. It's just too painful to watch. We're all just trying to help out with as much as we can possibly help out," Sachuk told CBS13.

The church held a massive bake sale on Sunday with piles of Slavic goods raising money for the ministry's trip as some will fly out this week.

"We haven't even reached the second service and everything is almost already sold out. Like the hearts of people, it's just, it's amazing to watch," said Sachuk.

"It's been amazing. The people are so generous. Most people are coming up with twenties or hundreds saying 'No change needed,' and just donating for the cause, so it's really great," said Karina Filinyuk.

A powerful and sobering message this week out of western Ukraine showed 109 empty strollers and baby seats set out in the city of Lviv. It's a stark reminder of the 109 children killed since Russia's invasion began.

Sachuk has friends and family in Ukraine sending her pictures of refugees, including women and children crammed into rooms needing food, clothes and medicine. It reminds her that their mission is clear and critical.

"Our main mission is to get God across. We want people to come in and feel the love of God and Christ and to reach out to as many hearts as we can," said Sachuk.

The women's ministry has already been working with pastors in Poland so they know what's needed. They're hoping to expand their ministry to Poland once they get there.

"We send them over there to work with ladies and kids to mentally and spiritually help our people," said SOL Senior Pastor Vadym Dashkevych.

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