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Land Park Potty Peeper Sparks Conversations Over Bathroom Privacy

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police say a peeper has struck in a popular Sacramento city park by targeting a woman using the bathroom.

Sacramento's William Land Park is known for being family-friendly. But what happened inside one of the park's bathrooms earlier this week now has many people concerned.

"I can't even imagine what I would do," said Breeana jones, a mother who was visiting the park.

Sacramento police say a man walked into one of the restrooms and began recording a woman inside with a cellphone camera.

"That's pretty uncomfortable, recording somebody else going to the bathroom," Jones said.

The victim was able to confront the video voyeur, and he ran to a car and drove off.

Now, some people who use the park are complaining about a lack of potty privacy.

"It's an invasion of privacy and it's very frightening," said Land Park visitor Lazima Tutashimba.

CBS13 checked three different public restroom buildings in Land Park and only one of the three had doors on the stalls, allowing anyone to walk into a stall and see a person using the toilet.

"I think putting some security measures would maybe make women and parents with young children feel a little bit more comfortable," Jenna said.

So why don't some of Sacramento's public toilets have stall doors? A city spokesperson says some of their older facilities cannot have doors due to Americans with disability requirements.

Others have doors that have been vandalized. New park restrooms – like those in McKinley Park – are gender-neutral with individual stalls and locking doors.

Some now saying this crime is a reminder that park facilities are not always safe.

"Knowing that you're about to go into a public restroom, that you got to kind of keep a little eye and be a little watchful," said Ryan Jessup who was visiting the park.

Police say a witness took a picture of the suspected peeper as he fled and they were able to arrest him Wednesday night on a probation violation.

They say it will be up to the district attorney to file any peeping-related charges.

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