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Actress Kristen Bell Reaching Out To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Irma

ORLANDO (CBS13) — Actress Kristen Bell has been making the most of her time in Orlando as Hurricane Irma bears down.

Bell is with a crew of 86 working on an upcoming film at the Dolphin Resort at Epcot Center. They weren't able to evacuate due to the high demand getting out of the state as the storm approached, so now they're with about a few thousand seniors who have evacuated from south Florida.

"We've got a lot of potties in the hallway. We've got a lot of wheelchairs. And we're making it work. I'm going to call some bingo later on this afternoon. This morning, we visited a shelter to try and sing for some people and lift their spirits," she said.

Throughout the last week, she says the storm has brought out the best in people.

"It's sort of sad that it takes a natural disaster to bring out the best in people, but that's really, truly what I've seen. Everyone is helping everyone here," she said.

She and the crew have offered their help to deliver whatever is needed to the large number of evacuees taking refuge from the storm.

Bell says a Tweet from Frozen co-star Josh Gad saying he saved her family may have been "a little hyperbolic," but you do what you can to help people. Gad's family had prepared to be on the other side of the state, and when the storm shifted, they had nowhere to go, so he reached out to Bell.

"Our crew is very, very large, but also very, very kind. People decided to bunk up together and we did a little room switching, because there are very, very few rooms left," she said. "We're all sleeping together and it's going to be a 48-hour slumber party."

She has some advice for people reaching out to talk to loved ones as the storm rolls through.

"If you've got family in Florida, don't hit them with the gloom and doom. We're doing OK. We're all making the most of it," she said.


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