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El Dorado County Siblings Sell Jars Of Honey To Help Support Caldor Fire Victims

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — Two local siblings are using their jars of honey to help support those affected by the Caldor Fire.

It's a sweet family business that's keeping these young entrepreneurs buzzing with excitement.

"We've learned a lot of really cool facts—it's fascinating how some of the bees like to travel across, and it's really cool," said 12-year-old Janae Drummond.

Meet Janae and 7-year-old Andrew Drummond. The Drummond siblings sell jars of honey from their uncle's beehives.

"This is far better than anything I could have done by myself, so I'll give them props for that," said uncle Kevin Straws.

These two are bee-deep in the economics side of things. Each has a very specific role. Janae created the labels for the honey jars and she also manages the money.

"The money, I've learned how to save it for the next batch, like save about $300 in case we need to get more supplies instead of splitting the money right away," Janae said.

And Andrew is an un-bee-lievable salesman.

"I hold the sign up very well," he said.

But perhaps the sweetest lesson these worker bees have learned is giving back to their El Dorado County community.

"So right when we kind of like started the business, our cabin almost got burned down in the Caldor fire, and we really wanted to pay it forward because if that were us we would want some help, too," Janae said.

The pair is donating 25% of the proceeds from their budding business to Caldor Fire victims, and they hope their charitable attitude will stick with their customers.

"It makes me really happy I get to help some other people, and I hope they pay it forward as well," Janae said.

The siblings sell honey on their website. Each jar costs $10.

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