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Search For Hit-And-Run Driver In Deadly Crash

3:40 p.m. UPDATE: Sacramento Police have released an image of the vehicle believed to have been involved in a hit-and-run that killed a jogger on Tuesday.


NATOMAS (CBS13) - An Orangevale woman was hit and killed in South Natomas and the suspect is on the run.

"I want this person and found and if guilty, punished to the fullest extent of the law," said her father, Richard Hann.

The fatal collision happened at the intersection of West El Camino Avenue and Grasslands Drive.

It's a familiar crosswalk to many bikers and joggers, particularly to state worker Ericka Hann who ran through it nearly every day.

"She said bye to me, four or five minutes later, I saw her in this condition," said Pardeep Banga, who works with Ericka.

Tragically, that would be the last time he'd see his friend.

Erika left work just around the corner for her daily jog, just before noon.

That's when investigators said she was hit and killed by a driver who sped off.

"We have a pretty good vehicle description of a larger white pick up truck with a camper shell," said Sgt. Chris Prince with Sacramento Police.

Neighbors are brokenhearted for her family and furious, saying nobody ever stops at this stop sign.

"Just look around the corner and watch how fast drivers are going, sometimes 60, 70, or 80," Prince said.

Sadly the City of Sacramento is no stranger to fatal pedestrian crashes.

There have been 9 deaths just this year. That's just one less than the city's annual average and it's only April.

Ericka's father said she would've been 48-years-old next month.

"She was a good, good person," Richard Hann said. "She was loved and valued as a friend, that fast and loyal, all the things you hope your child would be and it's all gone now."

He wants justice for his daughter.

"He took someone from this world who did not deserve this in anyway shape or form and to hit someone, another human being, and then run away like a coward is beyond anything I could ever imagine," he said.

Investigators believe the driver was a man in a large white pick up truck, perhaps with a camper.

They are searching through surveillance video and city cameras to catch whoever did this.

In that same area where the Ericka was hit, the city recently removed a crosswalk. The crosswalk lines in the road were adjacent to where she was struck.

Officials said the area was too dangerous and removed the lines to put in a HAWK signal, high visibility crosswalk lights. Funds have been allocated for that intersection, but the light has not been installed yet.

Ericka did not die while crossing the road in the crosswalk the city removed.

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