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Caught On Camera: Driver Leaves Path Of Destruction In Sacramento's Tahoe Park Neighborhood

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A direct hit was caught on camera, but it's what the driver did before and after the crash that is astonishing.

It happened in the Tahoe Park community around 8:40 a.m. Wednesday, leaving a trail of damage behind and neighbors angry the suspect is not behind bars.

Home security video shows car-related chaos you have to see to believe. The car drove through Charles Meredith's front yard. It left him in shock after he witnessed it firsthand.

"It's insanity, explained Meredith. "I was amazed he didn't go through the house," he continued.

Charles was standing in his driveway Wednesday near 62nd  and 19th Ave in Sacramento when a silver sedan came barreling through his yard leaving a path of destruction first taking out a stop sign and then sideswiping his house. The car took out his handrail among other things in front of the house.

The man behind the wheel barely missing a neighbor walking past with her dog. The woman walks past 33 seconds before the suspect drives his car through the same spot she was standing in.

"He could've hit my neighbor or any number of people who walk down this road," explained Meredith.

Witnesses believe the erratic behavior started five blocks away just minutes before at a four-way intersection on 14th Avenue and 62nd Street.

"It just felt like out of nowhere. You are at a stop sign and then there is just this huge jolt and you are trying to process what just happened," explained hit and run victim, Matt.

Matt was driving home from dropping his son off at school when he saw a car matching the same description rear-ended him. He witnessed the driver, a man, briefly get out of his car to assess the damage of his vehicle.

"The car that hit me had tremendous damage to the front," he explained.

Matt looked down for a moment to get his registration information. By the time he looked up the car was gone. Video and a social media post helped connect the two incidents.

"The reaction he had to fleeing the scene was, number one, disappointing and then in his haste, he could've injured a lot more people. Frustrating, definitely angered about this," he said.

Both men are now hoping videos of the suspect's car help catch the man behind this double hit-and-run mystery.

"That's not the right way to behave or act and you want somebody to be held accountable for their actions," explained Matt.

Matt starts physical therapy soon for nerve damage he says was caused by the crash. Meredith believes nearby neighbors found the suspect's license plate just a couple of blocks away in the midst of a trail of car parts left behind.

Sacramento police say they cannot confirm if the driver is the same in both hit-and-run incidents. Police have assigned a detective to the case who is looking into a connection.

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