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Highway 65 Construction Noise Rattling Rocklin Neighbors

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Construction work on the Highway 65 viaduct in Roseville is becoming a big nuisance for neighbors.

The work started on Sunday night and continues throughout the week from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Caltrans' goal is to reduce traffic congestion in the area, but some residents say it's keeping them up at night.

"It's so loud, it's ricocheting against the windows," said Tyler Hill.

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The rumblings of a jackhammer are what Hill says he has to listen to as he's trying to sleep.

"I started hearing neighbors and they were yelling at construction workers to knock it off," he said.

Hill lives in a residential community nearby the construction.

"You're taking away my sleep, I want answers for that. There should be no excuse to do construction for four hours in the middle of the night," said Hill.

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The work is part of a $50 million project. Caltrans crews are demolishing the concrete barrier rail to extend the road. They're working to build a third lane on northbound Highway 65 from Interstate 80 to Pleasant Grove Boulevard.

"What we're doing is coming up with a project to improve the interchange, to remove traffic congestion, by adding a 3rd lane, it would reduce traffic backing up on Interstate 80," said Gilbert Mohtes-Chen of Caltrans.

According to Caltrans 120,000 vehicles travel on the interchange a day, and it's a vital area for traffic because it leads into Rocklin and Lincoln.

"They've got about six weeks of work, depending on weather, residents and motorists can expect intermittent demolition work," said Mohtes-Chen.

But some Neighbors including Hill say since it's not emergency repairs, they need Caltrans to do the work during the day.

"I want them to do construction during the day, not at night, it should be common sense that we don't have construction in the middle of the night," said Hill.

On the City of Rocklin's website, there are Construction Noise Guidelines listed that include: No noise on weekdays before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. and no noise on weekends before 8 a.m. or after 7 p.m.  Jackhammers are listed as items that could cause noise.

"Construction can be loud. We've been taking steps to minimize the inconvenience to the residents in the area and that's why we're looking into the daytime hours option," said Mohtes-Chen.

Caltrans is considering doing some of the work during daytime hours as early as next week. But motorists and residents are being warned of the noise and traffic impacts that are expected to continue until mid-November.

More information about improvements to the I-80/Highway 65 interchange can be found at:

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